Make Rides Happen

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Group Rides

Finding, planning and coordinating made simple.

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    Browse nearby rides led by cyclists in your community. Find the perfect ride, based on time, type, effort and distance.

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    Plan an upcoming ride and invite others to join in the fun. You can decide if it’s public or private.

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    Check the ride message board to stay up to date on pre-ride gossip and last minute route changes.

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Ride Recording

Track your ride without leaving the app.

You’ve found the perfect ride and you’re ready to go. Record your route, speed, distance and time with a single tap.

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Ride Safety

Escape knowing ANGi has your back.

By pairing with and connecting your Specialized ANGi device to Ride, you can share your location with select contacts when you are out on a ride and automatically send notifications if you've exceeded a pre-set ride time or if ANGi detects a potential crash. Refer to the ANGi user manual for full functionality.