This helmet calls for help

All ANGi equipped Specialized helmets and ANGi sensors come with a one time activation code.

Sensor Technology

ANGi Sensor Technology

This helmet-mounted sensor transforms your helmet into a tracking device, crash detector, and safety beacon.

Incident Detected

Incident Detected

If ANGi detects forces created by a crash, your phone will go into alarm mode. If you’re hurt and unable to stop the countdown, the app sends your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.

Potential Crash Detected

An event occurred on Nov 14, 2018 at 2:25 PM

Location Notifications

With the Ride app, you can choose to share your location with your emergency contacts before and during your ride.

ANGi lets you escape responsibly

  • Ride start and end

    Ride start and end

    Whether you’re out on your own or riding with friends, your loved ones get a notification with your location each time you start and end a ride.

  • Crash detected

    Crash detected

    When ANGi detects a potential crash it triggers a countdown timer on your smartphone. If you are hurt and unable to cancel the alarm, the Ride app alerts your contacts.

  • Been out too long

    Been out too long

    When you set a time you expect to be back from your ride, but you’re not. Very useful on days where you have cell reception at the start of the ride but may lose it during.